Monday, March 9, 2009

Liberals are irresponsible, lazy, and cowards.

I am not being uncivil, this is not some type of ad hominem
attack like Liberals love to use. Edward Deming (I believe the second greatest mind of the twentieth century) is credited with pointing out that "It is not the product, it is the process". This concept changed "Made in Japan" from an acronym for junk to the standard by which quality is judged in the industrial world. In the global sense, it can be paraphrased as "It is not the people, it is the government, the rules by which we live". In February 2005, Richard Parker, a liberal economist, wrote an article in the Boston Globe titled, The Pragmatist and the Utopian, in which he blamed Milton Friedman and the free market advocates for every economic misfortune since the 70’s. Parker’s criticism is that in no way has the country achieved more equality, requires less effort, or is safer than it was 25 years ago. I don’t know if I agree, but note, each of these goals is reflected by a characteristic human value, egalitarianism is of course is about irresponsibility (equality of outcome), lazy people think life should be easy, and safety is important to the cowards. Irresponsible, lazy and cowardice are the primary human values of the Liberal. If you build a system that aggrandizes the lazy, the irresponsible, and the cowards, are you in any way surprised you end up with Zimbabwe or worse? Now don’t confuse me with a Conservative (sometimes confused with Republicans). Conservatives believe that they can control man’s appetites through legislation and prison. Like the Muslims, they believe it is the person, not the process, and blame all the world’s problems on the moral and spiritual bankruptcy of the immigrants, drug addicts, homosexuals, and dark skinned minorities that pollute the system. They believe that if only the people were moral, then this system based upon irresponsibility, laziness, and cowardliness can be made to work. Sorry, it’s not to be; as Adam Smith pointed out, "The invisible hand that makes free market systems self correcting is the same hand that destroys all others." A desire for safe, easy, and egalitarian always leads to moral, spiritual, and economic bankruptcy.